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Film/Video Collection

Since I bought myself a DVD player, my collection of films and other videos slowly grows. It does not grow very hard, since I buy discs only when I really like the film, or in case of some categories to stay or become "complete". The categories I want to keep complete are most of the Disney related categories. In the other categories I only buy movies that I really like and I want to be able to rewatch whenever possible.

I also like to film myself. These are mostly films I make during vacation trips. These videos are in the "Home videos" category.

This is an overview of all my films on DVD and Blu-ray. But also my films on VHS and VideoCD that I still own are listed. Select from the list below to see all films or videos in that category. The current total count (excluding the 9 pre-orders) is 339 (VHS: 7; LaserDisc: 1; CD-i: 1; VideoCD: 1; DVD-Video: 209; Blu-ray Disc: 85; 3D Blu-ray Disc: 23; 4K Blu-ray Disc: 12).