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Persons and groups

Music and films are made by people. People also participate in audio commentaries for films. Below is an overview of all the persons and groups that in one way or another have contributed to music, film commentaries or books in my collection.

  1. Danova, Roberto (Man)
  2. Darby, Ken (Man)
  3. Darin, Bobby (Man) web site
  4. Dati, Beppe (Man)
  5. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich (Group) web site
  6. David, Craig Ashley (Man)
  7. David, F.R. (Man) web site
  8. David, Hal (Man) web site
  9. Davidson, Bill (Man)
  10. Davies, Dave (Man) web site
  11. Davies, Idris (Man)
  12. Davies, Iva (Man) web site
  13. Davies, Ray (Man) web site
  14. Davies, Rick (Man)
  15. Davis, Bill "Sheriff Tex" (Man)
  16. Davis, Carl (Man)
  17. Davis, Clifton (Man) web site
  18. Davis, Karl (Man)
  19. Davis, Katherine Kennicott (Woman)
  20. Davis, Link (Man)
  21. Davis, Mac (Man)
  22. Davis, Spencer (Man)
  23. Day, Doris (Woman) web site
  24. Deacon, John (Man)
  25. Dean, Sharif (Man)
  26. Debussy, Claude-Achille (Man)
  27. Deep Purple (Group) web site
  28. Dees, Bill (Man) web site
  29. Dehm, Diether (Man) web site
  30. Dehr, Richard (Man)
  31. Dekker, Desmond (Man) web site
  32. Dekker, Desmond & Aces, The (Group) web site
  33. Del Amitri (Group) web site
  34. Delon, Alain & Dalida (Group)
  35. DeLuca, Dave (Man)
  36. Demetrius, Claude (Man)
  37. Denne, Michael (Man)
  38. Dennis, Matt (Man)
  39. Denson (Unknown)
  40. Denver, John (Man) web site
  41. Depeche Mode (Group) web site
  42. Dermer, Lawrence (Man) web site
  43. DeSario, Teri & K.C. (Group)
  44. DeShannon, Jackie (Woman) web site
  45. Detmann, Wolfgang (Man)
  46. Deutsch, Helen (Woman)
  47. DeVaney, Don (Man)
  48. Devereux, Peter Mark (Man)
  49. DeVille, Willy (Man) web site
  50. Diamond Orchestra, The (Group)