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Persons and groups

Music and films are made by people. People also participate in audio commentaries for films. Below is an overview of all the persons and groups that in one way or another have contributed to music, film commentaries or books in my collection.

  1. Nijgh, Astrid (Woman) web site
  2. Nijgh, Lennaert (Man) web site
  3. Nijs, Rob de (Man) web site
  4. Nijs, Rob de & Martine (Group)
  5. Nits (Group) web site
  6. Nits & Radio Symphonie Orkest, Het (Group)
  7. Nitzsche, Jack (Man)
  8. No Use For A Name (Group) web site
  9. Nobles, Cliff & Co. (Group)
  10. Noir Désir (Group)
  11. Nolan Kenny (Man)
  12. Norman Petty Trio, The (Group)
  13. Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre, The (Group)
  14. Notting Hillbillies, The (Group)
  15. Novković, Đorđe (Man)
  16. Numan, Gary (Man) web site
  17. Nunn, Trevor (Man)
  18. O'Connor, Sinéad (Woman) web site
  19. O'Sullivan, Gilbert (Man) web site
  20. Oak Ridge Boys, The (Group) web site
  21. Ocean, Billy (Man) web site
  22. Ofarim, Esther & Abi (Group)
  23. Ohio Express, The (Group) web site
  24. Olatunji, Babatunde (Man) web site
  25. Oldfield, Mike (Man) web site
  26. Oliveira, Aloysio de (Man)
  27. Olympic Orchestra, The (Group)
  28. Oosterhuis, Trijntje (Woman) web site
  29. Orbison, Roy (Man) web site
  30. Orbison, Roy & Candy Men, The (Group)
  31. Orbison, Roy & lang, k.d. (Group)
  32. Orbison, Wesley (Man)
  33. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (Group) web site
  34. Orellana, Raúl (Man) web site
  35. Orellana, Raúl featuring Jocelyn Brown & A. Skeet (Group)
  36. Orkest Frans Mijts (Group)
  37. Orlando, Tony & Dawn (Group) web site
  38. Orlowski, Anne (Alias)
  39. Oronati, Henry (Man)
  40. Orzabal, Roland (Man)
  41. Osborne, Gary (Man)
  42. Osbourne, Ozzy (Man) web site
  43. Osibisa (Group)
  44. Ostwald, Clay (Man)
  45. Otis, Clyde (Man)
  46. Otis, Johnny (Man) web site
  47. Ouwens, Eddy (Man)
  48. Overlanders, The (Group)
  49. Owens, Arthur Leo "Doodle" (Man)
  50. Owens, Buck (Man) web site