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Persons and groups

Music and films are made by people. People also participate in audio commentaries for films. Below is an overview of all the persons and groups that in one way or another have contributed to music, film commentaries or books in my collection.

  1. Small Faces (Group) web site
  2. Smit, Carola (Woman) web site
  3. Smit, Gossen (Unknown)
  4. Smith, Arthur (Man)
  5. Smith, Charles (Man)
  6. Smith, Frank (Man)
  7. Smith, Richard B. (Man)
  8. Snow, Tom (Man)
  9. Soft Parade (Group)
  10. Soja, Rolf (Man)
  11. Somerville, Jimmy & Miles-Kingston, June (Group)
  12. Sondheim, Stephen (Man) web site
  13. Souer, Piet (Man) web site
  14. Sounds Orchestral (Group)
  15. South, Joe (Man) web site
  16. Souther, John David (Man) web site
  17. Spector, Phil (Man) web site
  18. Spee, Lori (Woman) web site
  19. Spee, Lori & Brooker, Gary (Group)
  20. Spooky & Sue (Group)
  21. Springsteen, Bruce (Man) web site
  22. St. Louis, Louis (Man)
  23. St. Louis, Louis & Bullens, Cindy (Group)
  24. Stafford, Jo (Woman)
  25. Stafford, Terry (Man)
  26. Stallone, Frank (Man) web site
  27. Stallone, Frank & Rhodes, Cynthia (Group)
  28. Stanley, Paul (Man) web site
  29. Star Inc. (Alias)
  30. Starink, Ed (Man) web site
  31. Starr, Kay (Man) web site
  32. Starr, Maurice (Man)
  33. Stars on 45 (Group)
  34. Status Quo (Group) web site
  35. Steagall, Red (Man) web site
  36. Stegall, Keith (Man) web site
  37. Stein Murray (Man)
  38. Stein, Chris (Man)
  39. Steinberg, Billy (Man) web site
  40. Steinman, Jim (Man) web site
  41. Stellaard, Gerard (Man)
  42. Stellita, Salvatore (Man)
  43. Stephens, Geoff (Man) web site
  44. Stevens, Even (Man)
  45. Stewart, Al (Man) web site
  46. Stewart, David A. (Man) web site
  47. Stewart, Eric (Man) web site
  48. Stewart, Redd (Man) web site
  49. Stewart, Rod (Man) web site
  50. Stewart, Virgil "Pappy" (Man)