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Persons and groups

Music and films are made by people. People also participate in audio commentaries for films. Below is an overview of all the persons and groups that in one way or another have contributed to music, film commentaries or books in my collection.

  1. Three Degrees, The (Group) [web site]
  2. Thunder, Johnny (Man) [web site]
  3. Tilghman, Bill (Man)
  4. Tillis, Lonnie Melvin "Mel" (Man) [web site]
  5. Tillotson, Johnny (Man) [web site]
  6. Time Bandits (Group) [web site]
  7. Tiomkin, Dimitri (Man) [web site]
  8. Titihalawa, Tekkie (Man)
  9. Tol & Tol (Group)
  10. Tol & Tol & Thesalonikis, The (Group)
  11. Tol, Cees (Man)
  12. Tol, Thomas (Man)
  13. Tommy James and the Shondells (Group) [web site]
  14. Tormé, Mel (Man) [web site]
  15. Torok, Mitchell (Man)
  16. Tosh, Peter & Jagger, Mick (Group)
  17. Toto (Group) [web site]
  18. Touber, Tijn (Man) [web site]
  19. Toussaint, Allen (Man)
  20. Toussaint, Olivier (Man)
  21. Towers, Lee (Man) [web site]
  22. Tozzi, Umberto (Man) [web site]
  23. Tozzi, Umberto & Raf (Group)
  24. Tracy, Dennis (Man)
  25. Trader, Bill (Man)
  26. traditional (Unknown)
  27. Traveling Wilburys, The (Group) [web site]
  28. Travis, Merle (Man)
  29. Travolta, John (Man) [web site]
  30. Travolta, John & Newton-John, Olivia (Group)
  31. Treffers, Arnie (Man)
  32. Tremeloes, The (Group)
  33. Trench, Fiachra (Man)
  34. Tress, Don von (Man) [web site]
  35. Trio Hellenique (Group)
  36. Tröckener Kecks (Group) [web site]
  37. Troggs, The (Group)
  38. Troy, Doris (Woman)
  39. Tubb, Glenn Douglas (Man) [web site]
  40. Tubeway Army (Group)
  41. Tucaković, Marina (Woman)
  42. Tuijp, Jan (Man) [web site]
  43. Turk, Roy (Man)
  44. Turnbow, Jay (Man)
  45. Turner, John (Man)
  46. Turney, Ross (Man)
  47. Turtles, The (Group) [web site]
  48. Twomey, Kay (Woman)
  49. Tyler, Bonnie (Woman) [web site]
  50. Tyler, Dan (Man) [web site]